The ACST-CS Advantage

We support customers from diverse angles with the extra added value of a “trading company.”

Rather than making “things,” like a manufacturing company, a trading company like ACST-CS builds new relationships between “company and products” or between “company and company.” We develop chemical reactions by combining “things” and “events” never before brought together, thereby supporting the creation of new products that will serve our customers and, by extension, the world. That is our role. In order to produce many such opportunities in even one of our businesses, we do not stop at ordering and selling commercial materials; we maintain the “ACTS-CS Advantage” by keeping our competitive edge sharp and aiming to be a comprehensive support company always striving to move to the next level.
As a group of chemical specialists, we have an abundance of product knowledge and experience as well as data-gathering skills. We not only supply products from Japanese leaders in cutting-edge fields such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and life sciences, but also offer proactive data gathering and plans and proposals for new materials. We also provide feedback on market needs and customer needs, development support, and new materials sales support, among other services.
Our goal is to advance by leaps and bounds as a comprehensive support company that not only supplies products but also handles physical distribution. The first step of that process is our “Logistics Consignment Service,” which backs up the physical distribution schedules of customers. This service takes utmost advantage of more than 10 stock points we have set up throughout the country. Acting as sales and distribution agents through our Distribution Management Department, we work on behalf of our customers to deliver products smoothly and promptly, nationwide.
All industrial fields--including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy industries, and electronics--are being forced to respond to environmental regulations. We were one of the first to recognize the coexistence of business and the natural environment, and to actively propose the use of commercial materials that would alleviate the burden on the environment and improve it. What is more, we provide a variety of products and services under the “environment” keyword, including a chemical recycling business that contributes to a resource-renewable society and the use of chemical filters for clean rooms.

We’re the Company To Turn To at Times Like These

If you are thinking about expanding sales of new products…

We find new ways to match seeds and needs, working within the relationships of trust we have built up over the years with diverse companies under our motto of “Reliability and Integrity.” If you are a company looking for end-users of new materials, or if you are searching for new raw materials, we’re the company you need to get in touch with.

If you are investigating ways to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients/intermediates…

Let us tailor proposals to suit your needs based on our long track record of achievements with numerous pharmaceutical companies and contractors.

If you require quick deliveries…

With more than 10 nationwide stock points and the know-how of a specialized trading company, we can respond quickly to customers’ requirements.

If you are looking for environment-friendly products…

We handle a wide range of environment-friendly products, including Pure Lite medicinal agents and instruments. And we are actively involved in product recycling systems (the re-utilization of raw materials).