Business Activities

Besides handling sales of chemical industry products, our core business, we are actively involved in promoting environment-friendly commercial materials.

Sales of Chemical Products

In addition to developing our core business of inorganic chemical products, we have broadened our sales system to encompass fields such as electronics and life sciences, where high purity, high functionality, and quality requirements are particularly stringent. At the same time, we are producing tangible results in basic fine chemicals, ultrafine chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, and organic synthetic catalysts.

Sales of Environment-Related Products

In environment-related businesses, we are actively involved in chemical products recycling systems (the re-utilization of raw materials), including chemical filters for clean rooms, returnable containers that can be re-used repeatedly, solvents, acids, and alkalis.

Other Activities and Services

■Pharmaceutical raw materials consulting business      
■Environment facilities and equipment installation works     

     ■Logistics consulting service

     ■Chemical products recycling business