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    From pharmaceuticals to electronics, we offer a wide range of industrial chemicals for use in many fields.

    • 基礎化学品

      Basic chemicals

      • Inorganic chemicals
      • Organic chemicals
      • Water treatment chemicals
    • 精密化学品

      Fine Chemicals

      • Silica gels
      • Oxide sols
      • CDI
      • High-purity acids・Alkalis
    • Ultrafine Chemicals

      Ultrafine Chemicals

      • Semiconductor Process Agents
      • Wafer polishing agents
      • Organocatalysts
      • Ligand
    • Instruments / Equipment & Materials

      Instruments / Equipment & Materials

      • Air conditioners ・ Filters
      • Washers
      • Tanks


    Bringing you added value that goes beyond just selling products on order.

    • Sales and Proposal of Chemical Products

      Sales and Proposal of Chemical Products

      As a chemical trading company, we have a diverse range of products, including inorganic chemicals, basic chemicals, fine chemicals, and ultra-precision chemicals.

    • Contract Logistics Services

      Contract Logistics Services

      On behalf of our customers, we manage product inventory and shipping operations, helping to reduce operational burdens.

    • Sales of Environment-related Products

      Sales of Environment-related Products

      From eco-friendly chemicals to chemical filters for clean rooms and cleaners, we deliver products that suit the SDGs era.

    • Recycling Chemical Products

      Recycling Chemical Products

      We also reuse of acids, solvents, alkalis, and other chemicals. Please get in touch with us for more information about recycling.

    • Research and Development Partners

      Research and Development Partners

      We act as a partner offering materials and information that are essential for research and development, so we welcome inquiries from universities and research institutions.

    • Other


      We provide a wide range of services, including contract services for raw materials for pharmaceutical intermediates and product provision services for automotive sensors.



    We can make various proposals to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us.