The ACST-CS Advantage

Unlike manufacturers who focus on creating products, ACST-CS strives to create relationships of trust with our customers as a trading company.
To this end, we offer value-added services that go beyond the sale of ordered products to earn the trust of our customers and build strong partnerships with them.

Products + Proposal Skills
Our strength lies in our business with Japan's leading companies in cutting-edge fields such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and life sciences. By making full use of our accumulated knowledge and expertise at the forefront of each field and our ability to gather information, we are able to proactively provide information and even plan and propose new materials.
Products + Logistics
In response to our customer's requests to not only supply products but also provide logistics support, we established our Contract Logistics Service. Specialized departments manage more than 10 stock points in Japan. Through this system, we are able to support our customers’ logistics.
Product + Environmental Focus
The UN General Assembly adopted the SDGs in 2015, and ISO 14001 was issued in 1996. Even before these general steps were taken, we had been addressing energy conservation, waste reduction, and other issues. Guided by our high level of environmental awareness, we are actively offering environment-related products and services in our business.
Products + Research Skills
Based on our extensive business experience with pharmaceutical and contract manufacturers, we have been supporting our customers by developing pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Thanks to our accumulated knowledge in the agricultural and industrial fields, we are also able to offer our services across various areas of industry and academia, such as companies, universities, and research institutes.