We offer chemical industry products from a wide range of fields from pharmaceuticals to electronics.

Our strategies target not only inorganic and organic chemicals, which are the cornerstone of industry, but also fine chemicals.

In the electronics field, we provide circuit boards, electronic component peripheral materials, semiconductor wafer processing materials, and other basic fine chemicals, as well as LSI process agents and other ultrafine chemicals. In the life science field, we carry a wide assortment of ultrafine chemicals from medical/agricultural chemical raw materials to organic synthetic catalysts.

And we are developing chemical synthesis consulting services aimed at all fields. What is more, we provide chemical products with assorted functionalities, drawing on our familiarity with all kinds of industries—such as the precision surface treatment field, including steel, machinery, paint, and film, and the resin processing field, typified by the manufacture of plastic lenses and plates.

And with our chemical filters group, headed by the “Pure Lite High-Performance Air Purifier,” we are busy providing clean air to industrial communities like the electronics industry and pharmaceutical industry, as well as to institutions like art galleries and museums.

  • Basic chemicals


    • Inorganic chemicals
    • Organic chemicals
    • Water treatment chemicals
  • Fine Chemicals


    • Silica gels
    • Oxide sols
    • CDI
    • High-purity acids・Alkalis
  • Ultrafine Chemicals


    • Semiconductor Process Agents
    • Wafer polishing agents
    • Organocatalysts
    • Ligand
  • Instruments / Equipment & Materials

    Instruments /
    & Materials

    • Air conditioners・Filters
    • Washers
    • Tanks